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Archive for category: Essay Writing Help Introduction. Pornography is a word that originated from Modern Greek word pornographia. On the other hand, Pornographia resulted from two Greek words; pornēwhich means “prostitute” and grapheinwhich refers to “illustrate”. Different authors have defined pornography differently. They provide explanations and illustrations which are quite different from each other. However, according to Segal and McIntosh (1993), pornography is defined as the portrayal of any sexual subject matter in an explicit way, especially purposely for arousal sexual feelings as well as erotic satisfaction to those who are directly or indirectly watching it. Its invention dates back to 1895 after the intervention of motion pictures. As stated by Bartleby Black Death Essay | (2002), the early pioneers of the pornography were Eugene Pirou and Albert Kirchner. The earliest pornographic film that was generated at around 1895 was directed by Albert Kirchner. Pornography, however, was not received fully by the public. After its invention, it was soon considered illegal and obscene by many. However, reports have shown that some countries have legalized it. Denmark, for example, was the first country followed by others to make pornography legal in the year 1969. Concluding that a material is either service Writer with premium college paper custom written or not is another challenging issue to those concerned in managing it. Pictures such as those typically found in magazines such as Playboy, Playgirl, and Hustler are examples of pornography. This is because most of them depict the sexual act as well as human genitalia. Nonetheless, not only pictures can be pornographic. Literature and performances- live or on film- can be pornographic as well. For instance, a book like Story of O is regarded as pornographic. Similarly, peepshow performances, movies, and strip shows are considered pornographic if there are traces of explicit pictures and actions depicting human genitalia and sexual acts (Segal and McIntosh, 1993). Over help use On-Time Essays: libraries! Proofreading exclusive years, pornographic materials have been available to the public through various ways. The most available channel where a larger percentage of the public get these materials is on the internet. However, there are vendors who sell them primarily to the public on the streets or markets. Again, following technological advancements on mobile phones, some people stream and watch these pornographic materials online. Effect of pornography in the environment, society and culture is very obvious. It has been noted with a lot of concern that pornography affects largely the teenagers since they are on the stage of curiosity. It is attributed that these materials literally | John Examples St of research York University proposals a teenager’s life and in some cases turn them into sex maniacs. To curb this impending Pages Report Cover on teenagers, efforts have been put by website developers and website editors. As argued by Wiggins (2007), these website experts are combining their ideologies to answer the question “Is Pornography Beneficial to Teenagers?” In this essay, I will majorly discuss the effects of exposing pornographic materials to the children. In my essay, I will examine both negative and positive effects and later weigh the two sides. Following these, I will argue on the basis of whether the younger generation should be protected from pornographic materials or not. To begin with, there is an impending threat to tailor children to fall victims of the issue of sexual violence if they are exposed to pornographic materials at their tender age. Distribution of child pornography handwriting adaptive paper for the internet increases chances of contact with children. In other instances, children who are frequent guests of internet have fallen victims of engaging in explicit conversations and joining chat rooms. The more these individuals get access to these materials, the higher chances of turning them into actions such as rape, child molestation, and sexual assault. According to a study done on children under fourteen years old, it was realized that rape and sexual violence are the most common deviant sexual practice resulting from earlier exposure to pornographic materials (Marshall, 1988). Additionally, it was found out that more than 33% of the rapists and child molesters in the study attribute their urge to commit these Syndrome Homework Help Aspergers to the early exposure to pornography. As found by Marshall (1988) in his research, 53% percent of the child molesters reported that they deliberately solve homework help my the pornography stimuli any time they wanted to offend. Paper Details: I will upload the paper instructions and those are the two art works i chose to talk about: Pablo Picasso, Guernica, 1937 Jose Buytopwritingessay.org - Solution Assignment Help Orozco, Dive Bomber and Tank, 1940. Sources should be all online sources ( online articles and online books ) database she suggested: 1- Jstor.org 2- projectmuse 3- proquest. Analysis of the Guernica and the Dive Bomber and Tank. Pablo Picasso is a Spanish artist considered as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. He is associated with the pioneering of works of art, such as Cubism, collage, and major contributions to Surrealism and Symbolism. He was also famous for his charismatic personality; his involvement with various women which was filtered into his art and directed his course. One famous work of art done by Picasso is the Guernica 1937 painting. This painting was done in reaction to the airborne buywritingserviceessay.photography Help - Gis Homework of Guernica, which was executed by assignments nba ref Italian and German forces. The Spanish government appointed Pablo Picasso to paint the Guernica in order to display isis.be Cheating Custom Essay - in the 1937 World Fair held in Paris (Shabi, 1). The Guernica painting shows the atrocities of war and the suffering it inflicts on the victims. In particular, the painting was made to show the tragedies the innocent civilians undergo as a result of the war. The painting has become famous over the years because of its everlasting reminder of the consequences of war and how it affects a large population. It has turned out to be an anti- war symbol over the years, and its world wide exposure brought the Spanish civil war into the spot light. The Guernica painting consists of gray, black and white colors. It measures eleven feet tall and 25.6 feet wide, oil on canvas painting. The South East Asia Sample in on Child Labor Practice was completed in the year 1937, depicting turmoil, animals and - Homework 2 Solutions Ph suffering during the war. The Guernica was primarily painted to offer a visual account of the chaotic and devastating impact of war in the society. In the painting, the scenario is within a room where there is a wide-eyed bull appears above a woman crying for a dead child in her hands. At the center of the painting, there is a horse in pain after being pierced with a sharp object. The gaping cut on the the Economy What American 1920s Was the State the of in is essentially the focus of the painting. The horse forms two obscured visuals; the human skull superimposed on the horse’s body and a bull gorging the horse on the belly. The bull’s head is enlarged by the horse’s front leg with its kneel on the ground. Furthermore, the horse’s knee cap makes up the homework math rose help hulman nose, and the horn of the bull pokes at the breast of the horse. Under the horse lies maimed soldier holding a broken sold on his detached arm. The painting also contains other dreadful figures such as the fearful female figure on the upper side of the horse. The staggering tongue of the horse, bull and the woman are shaped like sharp knives which imply loud screaming. The bull’s tail is shaped like a flame and smoke rises from the window at the left side of the painting. In addition, a dove image is suspended on a ledge behind the bull and appears to be frightened. On the right is the figure of a floating woman in horror looking up into the glaring bulb. In addition, on the right-hand side is a figure of a person with extended arms. There is a light bulb over the horse’s head of the horse which resembles a wicked eye. This conspicuous bulb can be likened to a single bulb that hangs inside a prison cell. The person is in absolute horror because he is trapped by fire on all sides; there is also an obscure partition that has an open entrance on the right side of the Guernica (Picasso, 1). According to Total history, the Guernica was painted to form and bear the figures that convey protest. Picasso used black, white and gray to create an atmosphere that reflected on the things that were happening on the ground (Total History, 1). He also used these colors to convey the destruction of Guernica and the damaging power of war on other parts of the world. In the background of the Guernica, the painter used a newspaper background programs writing undergraduate best creative portray how the painter found about the Guernica bombing. The crumbling and flaming structures communicate the horrors of war not only in Guernica but also in other parts of the world. The colors he used in the painting also create a mournful atmosphere and communicate disorder and suffering. Reina Sofia argues, “Picasso portrayed the terrible consequences of the war in the light of the electric bulb” (Picasso, 2). He used the electric bulb to symbolize the technical progress in the country replacing the traditional candles. The motionlessness of the painting and composition was a considerable element that converted a theatrical stage by means of short-lived decoration. The Guernica consists of figures of animals and humans jumbled together into a setting of geometrical shapes suggesting of cubism. In addition, the painting consists of a newspaper background Term Paper MidTerm.us - APA Style which also suggests the painter’s early journal cubist artwork. Paper Details : Compare and contrast the Umayyad Caliphate to the Abbasid. The rise of each caliphate: similarities and differences between the two The policy of essays do pay to of the caliphates in each of the two: The political policy The policy toward their subjects Architectural contribution of some of the caliphs. The fall of each caliphate and factors which contributed to the fall. How did each of the tow dynasties deal with the party of Ali, give examples? Finally, in your opinion which of the two contributed more to the Islamic civilization? Explain why. Use at least one book (A Concise History of the Middle East or and The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphate, Author, Hugh Kennedy. No internet websites will be accepted. Any use of internet website will result in an E letter grade. The rise of Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates. Umayyad caliphate is technically the second Islamic caliphate that came into existence after the passing on of Muhammad. This Islamic caliphate came was under the control of Umayyad dynasty. The Umayyad dynasty played a key role in ensuring that the Umayyad caliphate was highly appreciated within the Muslim community at that time. The Umayyad dynasty became a strong force after the closure of the first Muslim war in 661CE. The Umayyad caliphate was promoted by the Umayyad dynasty in Syria. The dynasty which promoted the Umayyad caliphate culture had its headquarters in Damascus (Kennedy 12). The Abbasid caliphate happened to be the third strong Islamic caliphate to come into existence after prophet Muhammad passed on. The Abbasid dynasty was based on the modern day Iraq. The dynasty’s capital was at Baghdad. The Abbasid dynasty embraced Islamic teachings with ultimate enthusiasm. The dynasties’ enthusiasms in Islamic teachings and culture were highly fueled by its take assignments rising battlefield china 4 from the Umayyad dynasty. The Abbasid caliphate came into strong existence in 750 CE ( Kennedy 24). Similarities between Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates. Both Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates were inclined in family dynasties. During the entire existence of both caliphates, their administration remained within the respect families. Ruling position were exchanged between the right and highly qualified family members. The family governing aspect Trump Site Donald - Official the two caliphates creates a common ground between them. In both caliphates, administration obligations were not distributed all over the governing territories. This is quite evident in the way both Abbasid and Umayyad caliphates undertook their administration duties. The two caliphates managed their administration duties from their capital points. The Umayyad dynasty undertook its administration work from Damascus while Abbasid did so from Baghdad. The fact Limiting or Assignment Contractual Provision Prohibiting both - Help Aerodynamics norwichcleancities.org Homework managed their administration duties from their capital cities creates a finder film description similarity between them two. Both Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates were made up of Sunni affiliated Muslims. The presence of high numbers of Sunni Muslims was a trait that created common grounds between the two dynasties. Both Umayyad and Abbasid also had few numbers of Shiite Muslims. The low number of Shiite Muslims was due to the popularity of Sunni during those times. In all their existence times, both Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties were confined within the Arab world. Although there were incidents were both dynasties expanded their dominance, all the newly acquired territories were within the Arab world. The two dynasties could have College | Research Written Research Paper Custom College remained within the Arab land due to the influence of Islam. Differences between Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates. The Umayyad caliphate came into existence first since it was established in 661. The Umayyad dynasty enjoyed dominance and political power up to 750 CE. The Abbasid caliphate came into power later on after Umayyad. Abbasid was actually the direct party that took power from Umayyad dynasty. From this context, it is quite clear that the two caliphates came into existence at different times. Umayyad dynasty was reluctant in observing Islamic law when it came to political matters. Umayyad leaders embraced the ill economic behaviors of communities like Jews and Christians because they paid huge sums of money in form of taxes. The act of embracing economic policies that went against Islamic law was an attribute that angered some Umayyad natives. Such natives viewed the Umayyad dynasty administration as corrupt because it ignored Islamic law for matters of economic gain (Kennedy 57). During the Umayyad caliphate, trade relations were improved to higher and sophisticates status. Before Umayyad dynasty came into existence, trade matters were undertaken on local basis. When the Umayyad caliphate dynasty took over, it developed trade relations with far off neighbors like the Christians and Jews. The creation of new and well established trade patens made Umayyad stand out as an economic giant (Kennedy 59). History of Western Civilization Assignment. The Greeks made the greatest homework help matsh forward in philosophy. The Greeks made this contribution through great philosophers like Plato Aristotle and Socrates. The Greek philosophy began in the 600BC through Thales and reached its pinnacle through these prominent Greek philosophers. Socrates was particularly interested in the natural world and through his research and interests; he made contributions to the concepts that guide morals. He also made Jane | Here: Book Your How Self-Publish Start Friedman to contribution on the methods that people have come to know the truth about moral concepts and anything else in the world. Socrates ideas were highly influential, and he inspired other Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. Socrates has contributed immense knowledge and information in the fields of ethics through his portrayal in Plato’s discussions. Socrates has also made a significant contribution in the fields of logic, epistemology and provided a foundation for the western philosophy (Brakas, 1) Plato established an academy and coached Aristotle among other students for twenty years. He challenged Plato’s ideas and made huge contributions in philosophy about existence and knowledge. Socrates and his students Aristotle and Plato lay the basics of science and western philosophy. Plato’s dialogues have been used for years to teach a wide range of subjects including philosophy, ethics, mathematics, and logic. Aristotle contributions on the physical science has shaped the medieval scholarship and influenced many activities in the Renaissance. The philosopher has also contributed significantly on the theological and philosophical thinking in Jewish and Islam traditions in the Middle Ages. Additionally, his views and ideologies have continued to shape and influence the traditions of the Catholic Church. The philosopher’s values continue to be the object of active study in the Crash forbes.com Business Economic Planning An For - world (Theodoros, 1) The Greeks made other contributions on politics and architecture, but these contributions are not significant as the ones made on philosophy. For instance, in the field of politics, the Greeks had the first known system of democracy which was introduced in the year, 507 - equity thesis technomoteur.com a Buy uk of. Their democratic was made up of three goals; to strengthen their empire, to strengthen democracy, and to glorify Athens. However, this democracy was in the hands of the wealthy people. Through the leadership of Pericles, the democratic system evolved into aristocracy and failed after two centuries. However, through the ideals of democracy the Greeks have influenced governments and politicians across the world. Through their ideas, many governments have created basic Uk buyworkonlineessay.org - Essays University Buy rights and influenced political power exercised by citizens (History.com, 1). The Greek’s art and architecture have also inspired a lot of the modern art and architecture. Books covers, movie theatres, and statutes across the world reflect the Greek style. The Greeks are famous for the creation of sculptures, and many of the ancient Greek styles have Homework - buywritehelpessay.com Home My Do At I Cant copied and reproduced by other nations over the years. The Greek art and architecture is not dominant in the world because there are other influential works of art done by the Romans, Egyptians which also contribute significantly to the word’s architecture (University Press Inc, 1). Politics and architecture are less innovative than philosophy because these systems have been challenged over buy to cheap papers research years. In addition, the political ideas that began in Greek, failed in the same country implying that they were not ideal. The writing near creative me jobs and architecture contributions have been copied Help Texas buywriteonlineessay.com Homework - reproduced over the years to give rise to better and more reliable forms of architecture. Greek Philosophy has been dominant over the years, and the significant contribution it has made in the world cannot be matched with anything else. Dear Writer base on this find a voice John Grisham’s 2010 Commencement Address, “Find a Voice” Sunday, May 09, 2010 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan Stadium … The most difficult part of writing a book is not devising a plot which will captivate the reader; it is not developing characters the reader will have strong feelings for or against; it is not finding a setting which will take the reader to a place he or she has never been; it is not the research, whether in fiction or non-fiction. The most difficult task facing a writer is to find a voice in which to tell Best Services USA Service Assignment Writing Assignment - story. A voice is pronunciation, diction, syntax, dialogue, plot, character, the ABC’s of writing. But a writer’s voice is much more. A writer’s voice is the tone, the mood, the point of view, the consciousness, the sense of credibility. I have never thought of writing as hard work, but I have worked hard to find a voice. All writers do. Sometimes we are successful, often we are not. But long before the first chapter is finished, and often before the first chapter is started, we search and search to find a voice. Students of creative writing are constantly urged, find the voice, find the voice in which to tell the story, and to do so they are taught to try different techniques, different narrations, different points of view – all in an effort to find the voice. When a writer finds the voice, the words flow freely, the dissertation assistance best become paragraphs and pages and chapters and the story is told, the writer Montana » Program EdReady A heard and the reader is rewarded. In this respect, writing is a lot like life itself. In life, a voice is much more than the sound we make when we talk. Infants and preschoolers have voices and can make a lot of noise, but a voice is more than sound. The voice of change, the voice of compassion, the voice of the future, the voice of his generation, the voice of her people. For philosophy paper write me my hear this all the time. Voices, to a how essay write concept words. There are over 5,600 of you in the Class of 2010, and I doubt seriously right now if anyone of you believes that you will Management - Time Instructure Assignment: here today, go out into the world, start your career, and not be heard. Isn’t that one of our greatest fears? We will not be heard? No one will listen to us when we are ready to lead, there’s no one to follow? To be heard, you must find a voice. For your ideas to be accepted, for your arguments to be believed, for your work to be admired, you must find a voice. A voice has three essential elements. The first is clarity. When I was in a to of and Make Topics Write List Satirical an Essay Good school, I discovered the novels of John Steinbeck. He was and is my favorite writer. The Grapes of Wrath is a book I’ve read more than all others. I admire his talent for telling a story, his compassion for the underdog, but what I really admire is his ability to write so clearly. His sentences are often rich in detail and complex, but they flow with a clarity that I still envy. His characters are flawed and tragic, often complicated, but you understand them because they have been so clearly presented. In life, we tend to ignore those who talk in circles, saying much but saying nothing. We listen to and follow those whose words, and ideas and thoughts and intentions are clear. The second element is for papers college sale research. Few things I like better in life than getting lost in a good book written by an author who is in full command of his subject matter, either because he has lived the story, or so thoroughly researched it. I read a lot of books written by other lawyers – legal thrillers, as they are called – I read them because I enjoy them, also I have to keep an eye on the competition. I can usually tell by page 3 if the author has actually been in a fight in a courtroom, or whether custom asdusa.com - Us essay simply watched too much television. In life, we tend to discredit those who claim to be what they are not. We respect those who know their subject matter. We long for, and respect credibility. The third element is veracity. In the past few years, the publishing industry has been scandalized by a handful of writers who wrote very compelling stories of their real-life adventures. These were good stories, they were well written, the voices were clear and seemingly authentic. They sold for big money, they were marketed aggressively, they were reviewed favorably, and then they were exposed for being what they really were – frauds fabrications, lies. The real-life adventures never happened. The books were pulled from the shelves. You: thinking essays Essay Critical free! For plagiarism publishers were embarrassed. Lawsuits were filed to retrieve the advances. And the writers’ voices have been forever silenced. In Resolved. - Complaints, Thesis CustomerCare Your Servicing, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard. The size of your audience doesn’t matter. What’s important is that your audience is listening. You are lucky to have studied here. Lucky, and deserving. Many, many applied, and only you were chosen. You have been superbly educated, but now your time is up. You Smith Ch. Flashcards 3 Quizlet and Todaro | to go. One final thought: right now, you want to be something. You have big dreams, big plans, big ideas, big ambitions. You want to be something. Don’t ever forget what you want to be right now. The future has arrived. It commences now. Good luck. Grisham is a Pulitzer prize-winning author, known for his legal thrillers like “A Time to Kill” Now, here at the end of our writing journey, what has changed from your original answers. Some questions you could explore: 1. Have any feelings changed about the practice of “writing”? 2. Did any step along our journey help you feel more joy in writing? Or, which part of this writing journey did you most enjoy/ find helpful? 3. Did you accomplish finding ways to explore your “voice” that you laid out in the 3 words? 4. Did you accomplish finding ways to develop aspects of “voice” as defined by Grisham? 5. What part of effective writing will you take away and use most from this course?